The hallmark of this brilliantly written collection of songs is the stories on which they are based. This is the work of a great story-teller.”

Phil Grant, Americana UK

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Coming from a more traditional country music and Americana background, this album is quite a large step into the unknown for Jason, both lyrically and musically speaking. Where his last album, A Thousand Miles Since Yesterday, leaned more on a confessional style of songwriting, this album employs a more narrative "storyteller" approach.   

Working with acclaimed, East Coast Music award winning producer Dale Murray (Christina Martin, Jessica Rhaye) Jason has put together a powerfully haunting album with songs ranging from murder ballads to tales of shipwrecks and haunted souls.

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The hallmark of this brilliantly written collection of songs is the stories on which they are based. It just cries out for another listen so that the stories are clear in your head, so compelling is each narrative. This is the work of a great story-teller.
— Phil Grant, Americana UK

"While Haywood’s voice in no way resembles Nick Cave’s baritone, the tone, atmosphere, and the way they are presented to the modern listeners, are and actually can stand tall compared to Cave’s output. In saying that Haywood’s voice does not resemble Cave’s is no way intended as demeaning, as his voice is clear and mellifluous and Haywood seems to easily adapt to all the stories he is telling, making them intriguing and believable." 
— Ljubinko Zivkovic, Kurrent Music, Netherlands 

 "Like a good book you can’t put down, Haywood’s vividly painted lyrics make it remarkably easy to get drawn into the world of the characters appearing on the record...Folklore is proof positive that the storyteller suit is one that Haywood wears impeccably well." 
— Ken Kelley, The Music Nerd Chronicles 

"The album is a moody gem...Beautiful but quite unsettling. A smartly conceived production and concept...which deserves to be heard in its entirety." 
— Bob Mersereau, Top 100 Canadian Blog 

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