August 26 - Folklore begins

This is the date the wheels are set in motion. This album I've been writing for the last 2+ years will finally start on its path with my dear friend Dale Murray, producer and multi-instrumentalist, at the helm. Finally.

The initial plan for this record was to record an album of murder ballads, but as the writing progressed, I realised the album encompassed more themes than simply the traditional murder ballad. The material veers from lost love to a shipwreck to murder to demons, both real and imagined.

It's going to be one of the most collaborative albums I've ever done. My songwriting partner, Helena Berlin, and I wrote many songs together, several of which will appear on this record. My wife Christina wrote some incredibly powerful music for two brand new songs. Lastly, Dale Murray will help me create the sonic landscapes necessary to bring these dark and haunted stories to life.