The Ballad of Clara Leigh and Jack White 

Just got back from Nashville and had the privilege of visiting Jack White's Third Man Records. They have an antique record booth in the shop where I cut a version of my song "The Ballad of Clara Leigh". It was an amazing experience seeing that I not only played on one of Jack White's 3/4 size Martin guitars but also recorded a song in the same booth where Neil Young recorded "A Letter Home". Hope you like it. 

The Ballad of Clara Leigh - Third Man Vocal Booth Version

Folklore Album Release Show 

'Folklore' album release show May 13 at 8 PM at The Empress Theatre in Moncton, NB. Dale Murray and Christina Martin are opening the show. Special guests include Gordie MacKeeman on fiddle, Dale Murray on lap steel, guitar, sound effects, Christina Martin on backup vocals and percussion, Remi Arsenault on stand up bass, Marcus Fougere (Eastcoast Lovestory) on drums, Ryan Hillier (Eastcoast Lovestory) on guitar, Jason Guimond (banjo). 

Folklore is nearing completion. 

We started recording back in August and the album is complete. The artwork is being prepared as I write this and then the album is going to manufacturing. We've put a lot of work into this record and really hope you enjoy it.

I'd like to thank all the musicians for playing on the record and all of you who supported the album. Special thanks to Dale Murray for helping me bring these songs to life.

More updates to come soon!

A Thin Place 

A thin place is often described as a place where the veil of the earthly world and spiritual world is thin and instead of being seen and felt it transcends all the senses of the person with whom it comes in contact. They are places where some people have said to have experienced a divine presence, while others have come away from these experiences frightened and troubled.
Crooked Creek ,Caledonia Mountain, NB
I came up with the idea of this song while driving to Caledonia Mountain with my best friend Shannon to his cabin. He told me about a man he knew who described a certain place on the mountain as a "thin place". Naturally, I was intrigued since I had never heard of this before.

It gave me the idea to write a song about a man who experiences contact with the spiritual realm in what he perceives to be a hallowed area in a clearing on a mountain. Of course, considering the nature of the songs I was writing for this record, there was bound to be a tragic or sinister element to the song.

What I find fascinating is how songs come to you. The subject of thin places came up naturally in conversation and ignited the idea for a song. Was the idea so compelling that I had to write about it? Was it simply the fact that I was looking for ideas that fit in with the dark theme I was already pursuing? Regardless, this is the song that came of that conversation on a Winter afternoon driving to a cabin on Caledonia Mountain.
A Thin Place
There's a thin place he goes from time to time,
To be with those who’ve passed on,
That still place between dusk and darkness,
To Caledonia to speak to those who've gone
The first time they spoke was on that lonely mountain,
It shook him down to the bone,
Those consoling voices have grown strange,
Now he shivers with the memories all alone
The thin place he goes between the dark and the dawn,
Where once sacred words became this profane verse
The secrets of the dead are his alone to bear,
An angel's loving grace or a devil's wretched curse
They swirl and descend upon him
Silken and lithe in their flight
Sounds that once soothed became wicked
Spur him to a dizzying height
Higher and higher he ascends
To the tops of the towering pines
Voices draw him over the mountainside
To a death both infernal and sublime

Tomorrow it begins. 

Tomorrow. Yes, it's finally here. I head to the country just outside of Oxford, Nova Scotia to begin work on my new album.

Brian Murray
Multi-instrumentalist, Brian Murray will have the most work to do since we only have him for three days. In addition to being an incredibly talented and tasteful drummer, he is also an amazing acoustic guitar picker and banjo player.

Brian will have his hands full this weekend and I'm anxious to hear the inspired musical contributions he is sure to provide.

Dale and Christina are two of my dearest friends and the finest hosts one could hope for. It's nice to have an atmosphere like this in which to create and I'm very thankful for the opportunity. This will be a weekend of collaboration, good friends, good food and good drinks.

I'm looking forward to keeping everyone updated with video blogs of the recording process. Thanks again to all of you for your support.

Dale and Christina on stage in Germany.

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